Getting Started

Download WinLog Software and Manuals

  • Go to the WinLog site and download the WinLog program and the WinLog and WinLogView User Guides. (Download the Beta version. It seems to work fine and has some desirable features)

  • Install the WinLog program;

    • Bypass any the Windows warning screen and acknowledge WinLog items
    • Select an installation directory
    • uncheck the 'Run WinLog' and 'Readme' boxes

Download Sample Dashes and Bitmaps

  • Create the C:\WinLog directory to hold user info.

    • Make sub-directories named C:/WinLog/Dashes and  C:/WinLog/Bitmaps

  • Register on the WinLog-EBL Files Download website and download...

    • The Beta Dashes and Bitmaps created for the GMC by WinLog-EBL users

      • Download the Dashes in the C:/WinLog/Dashes folder
      • Download the Bitmaps zip file and extract to the C:/WinLog/Bitmaps folder

Download the latest Driver

  • Download the latest Driver and place it in the C:/Program Files (x86)/WinLog directory

Run WinLog the first time

  • Accept the disclaimer. It will ask you to register, then count down from five and enter the program. There are a few features added if you register. Registration is a minimal cost, and helps support the WinLog developer who spent considerable hours helping us develop the GMC Motorhome EBL driver software.
  • 'OK' the Beta warning.
  • Go to 'View>Dash Configuration
    • Add the 'DynamicEFI-EBL' device and Select the COM device for your EBL USB port, or just select 'OK'
    • Select 'Import Settings' and select the 'Dash.wdc' file
    • The 'WinLog Virtual Device' will be loaded. Skip the 'Configure Virtual Driver' screen.
    • If you are not connected to the EBL, an error screen will appear. Select 'No' to continue.

Download the Getting Started Document