Getting Started

Download WinLog Software and Manuals

  • Go to the WinLog site and download the WinLog program and the WinLog and WinLogView Users Guides. (for the more courageous, download the Beta version. It seems to work just fine)

  • Follow the installation instructions in the WinLog Users Guide. Use the default installation directory: C:/Program Files(x86)/WinLog

Download Sample Dashes and Bitmaps

  • Create the C:\WinLog directory to hold user info.

    • Make sub-directories names "Dashes", "Bitmaps", and "Drivers"

  • Register on the WinLog-EBL Files Download website and download the Dash 1a created for the GMC by WinLog-EBL users (or the Beta dash if you've downloaded WinLog Beta).

Download the latest Driver

  • Download the latest Driver and place it in the C:/Program Files (x86)/WinLog directory

Download the Getting Started Document