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  • Go to the 'Quick Start Package' in the Downloads section and Download the zip file

  • Place the zip file in the C:/ drive (root) folder and unzip. It will create three folders:

    • C:/WinLog

    • C:/WinLog/Dashes

    • C:/WinLog/BitMaps

    • C:/Winlog/Settings

  • The C:/Winlog folder will contain the following files:

    WINLOGSETUP.exe WinLog software installer
    dynamic_ebl.dll EBL driver for WinLog
    Quick Start Part 2.pdf How to set up dashes
    winlog.pdf The WinLog manual
    winlogview.pdf The WinLogView manual
    WinLog EBL Getting Started V4.pdf How to create your own gauges
    WinLog EBL  replace driver and transition tables. pdf How to update the driver
  • Open the WinLog-EBL  'Quick Start Part 2' pdf document and follow the directions.