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Getting Started

Download WinLog Software and Manuals

  • Go to the WinLog site and download the WinLog program and the WinLog and WinLogView User Guides. (Download the Beta version. It seems to work fine and has some desirable features)

  • Install the WinLog program;

    • Bypass any the Windows warning screen and acknowledge WinLog items
    • Select an installation directory
    • uncheck the 'Run WinLog' and 'Readme' boxes

Download Sample Dashes and Bitmaps

  • Create the C:\WinLog directory to hold user info.

    • Make sub-directories named C:/WinLog/Dashes and  C:/WinLog/Bitmaps

  • Register on the WinLog-EBL Files Download website and download...

    • The Beta Dashes and Bitmaps created for the GMC by WinLog-EBL users

      • Download the Dashes in the C:/WinLog/Dashes folder
      • Download the Bitmaps zip file and extract to the C:/WinLog/Bitmaps folder

Download the latest Driver

  • Download the latest Driver and place it in the C:/Program Files (x86)/WinLog directory

Run WinLog the first time

  • Accept the disclaimer. It will ask you to register, then count down from five and enter the program. There are a few features added if you register. Registration is a minimal cost, and helps support the WinLog developer who spent considerable hours helping us develop the GMC Motorhome EBL driver software.
  • 'OK' the Beta warning.
  • Go to 'View>Dash Configuration
    • Add the 'DynamicEFI-EBL' device and Select the COM device for your EBL USB port, or just select 'OK'
    • Select 'Import Settings' and select the 'Dash.wdc' file
    • The 'WinLog Virtual Device' will be loaded. Skip the 'Configure Virtual Driver' screen.
    • If you are not connected to the EBL, an error screen will appear. Select 'No' to continue.

Download the Getting Started Document


  • Register on this site.

  • Go to the 'Quick Start Package' in the Downloads section and Download the zip file

  • Place the zip file in the C:/ drive (root) folder and unzip. It will create three folders:

    • C:/WinLog

    • C:/WinLog/Dashes

    • C:/WinLog/BitMaps

    • C:/Winlog/Settings

  • The C:/Winlog folder will contain the following files:

    WINLOGSETUP.exe WinLog software installer
    dynamic_ebl.dll EBL driver for WinLog
    Quick Start Part 2.pdf How to set up dashes
    winlog.pdf The WinLog manual
    winlogview.pdf The WinLogView manual
    WinLog EBL Getting Started V4.pdf How to create your own gauges
    WinLog EBL  replace driver and transition tables. pdf How to update the driver
  • Open the WinLog-EBL  'Quick Start Part 2' pdf document and follow the directions.



WinLog-EBL is a software driver that allows the DevTechnics WinLog digital dash and logging program to accept data from Dynamic_EFI's Embedded Lockers (EBL) add-on board for GM throttle body electronic fuel injection control modules. (ECM),

To use WinLog-EBL you must have...

  • GM throttle body fuel injection system
  • The Dynamic-EFI EBL modification to the throttle body ECM
  • A Windows PC
  • The WinLog software
  • The WinLog-EBL WinLog driver.

The WinLog-EBL driver and sample Dashes, Gauges, and Bitmap downloads are available to GMC Motorhome owners once your registration is verified and activated  by a site administrator.

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